Do you feel bothered by the peach fuzz on your face? If you do, get rid of it using dermaplaning. This skin-resurfacing technique involves exfoliation and hair removal, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, facial lines, acne scars, and dull skin. Dermaplaning provides a variety of benefits.

Rejuvenated Facial Skin

Dermaplaning eliminates dead skin cells and promotes the growth of new ones, resulting in a rejuvenating effect on your facial skin. It reduces the signs of hyperpigmentation and events out the skin tone, making the dark spots look less pronounced.

Peach-Fuzz-Free Face

Those fine hairs may look mostly invisible, but you will still see the difference once they are gone from your face. Their disappearance will also make your face smoother to the touch. Even better, dermaplaning also works on more visible and darker facial hairs.

Fewer Lines and Wrinkles

The production of new skin cells makes wrinkles and other facial lines less visible. If you want to look younger, try dermaplaning as one of your new skin treatments next time you visit the medspa.

Quick Results

You can see immediate results after a single dermaplaning session. No waiting, just brighter and smoother skin.

Quick Treatment

Dermaplaning usually takes only 30 to 45 minutes. There is no downtime needed or even pre-treatment preparations. You can get a session during your lunch break and be back at work after the procedure without compromising your work or household responsibilities. You can schedule another session in three to four weeks to maintain the positive results.

A More Effective Skincare Routine

You should apply the best moisturizers and serums in the first few days after dermaplaning. It is the ideal time to put on your favorite skincare products, because your skin can absorb them more easily, allowing your skin to get the most out of them.

Incredibly Safe

Dermaplaning is a gentle treatment that works well for most skin types, even sensitive and dry skin. Those with dry skin may experience redness, but it will disappear in a few days. Those with sensitive skin and those whose skin gets easily irritated will also benefit from the procedure because it does not use chemicals, only a scalpel. Even pregnant women may get dermaplaning.

Boosted Collagen Production

If you want to reduce the signs of aging, get dermaplaning to stimulate your skin’s deeper layers. It will result in more collagen production, which will improve skin texture and tightness.

Easier Cosmetics Application

Once your face is peach-fuzz-free, you can apply your makeup more easily. You will have fewer issues to cover up, and the cosmetics will look better on your smooth skin. There is no need to reapply foundation to the spots where fine hairs used to stand up and ruin the effect of your makeup.

Reduced Acne Breakouts

If you suffer from acne breakouts or have scars, dermaplaning can help. While it does not work on people with active breakouts, it can lower the chances of another breakout. Dermaplaning removes oils, dirt, and other elements clogging your pores and trapped in your facial hair.

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