Many people aren’t comfortable in form-fitting clothes because of stretched and sagging skin and fat on their lower belly. The main culprits are pregnancy, aging, and genetics.

There’s only so much that diet and exercise can do for these issues. Luckily, there is a solution called a mini-abdominoplasty, also known as a mini-tummy tuck. A mini-abdominoplasty is a modified version of an abdominoplasty and is specifically used to tighten and tone the lower abdomen.

The surgery works by removing excess sagging tissues from the lower abdomen. Stretch marks below the belly button can also be removed using this procedure.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for a Mini-Abdominoplasty?

Healthy adults who enjoy a stable weight without a lot of excess sagging abdominal skin make excellent candidates for a mini-abdominoplasty. Mini-abdominoplasty addresses loose skin and a protruding belly only. People who suffer from significant stretched and saggy skin or muscles may benefit more from a full abdominoplasty.

Many people often confuse a mini-abdominoplasty with liposuction. A mini-abdominoplasty is not a substitute for liposuction. However, liposuction can also be used in tandem with a mini-abdominoplasty.

People who are on the verge of substantial weight loss or are considering pregnancy in the near future should postpone their mini-abdominoplasty.

The Mini-Abdominoplasty Procedure

Mini-abdominoplasty involves incisions that are quite a bit shorter than full abdominoplasty incisions. Most of the time, only a single incision is required for a mini-abdominoplasty, whereas the full abdominoplasty usually also involves a belly button incision.

General anesthesia is used for mini-abdominoplasty so that the patients experience no discomfort during the surgery. Mini-abdominoplasty usually takes two to three hours. It is often performed in tandem with other surgeries such as liposuction and breast augmentation. As is to be expected, combination surgeries will take longer to perform.

Here’s How You Can Prepare for a Mini-Abdominoplasty

During your mini tummy tuck consultation, talk to Dr. Wallace about any medications you are currently taking. He will tell you if any of these medications will affect the surgery. Lab testing or a medical checkup might be required depending on your medical condition.

If you smoke, you will be asked to stop smoking for six weeks prior to the surgery as well as for at least six weeks after the surgery. This is because tobacco impairs your body’s healing process.

Ask a friend or family member to drive you to and from the surgery. If possible, try to arrange for someone to stay with you for at least 24 hours after the surgery.

The Recovery Process

You can expect to return to work within a week or two after the surgery. Strenuous activity must be avoided for four to six weeks after the surgery. Gentle walking is encouraged. Stitches will be removed during a follow-up appointment.

Make an Appointment for Your Consultation

If you have any further questions about mini tummy tucks, consider scheduling an appointment for a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Wallace. He will be able to answer any questions that you might have and can alleviate your concerns.