Women who require a mastectomy are mostly cancer patients and survivors. After their mastectomy surgery, these women face a decision: get post-mastectomy breast reconstruction or go without it.


It is a difficult choice to make, and because of this, the choice doesn’t have to be made immediately – breast reconstruction can be performed either right after the mastectomy or a few months later.


The reconstruction process can involve either inserting an artificial implant in the place of the removed breast tissues or using tissues from different parts of the patient’s body to create new volume. The end result in either case is that the patient’s breasts have been aesthetically restored after the surgery. This can provide women with a great deal of relief.  


Why Get Breast-Reconstruction Surgery?  


The choice to get breast-reconstruction surgery stems in many cases from the desire to live a normal life again after cancer treatment. Women who find themselves suffering from breast cancer have to deal with significant bodily changes.  


A part of their body is suddenly gone, a part which once had a significant presence in the woman’s life. Her romantic life, her sexual life, and even her own view of herself can all suddenly change due to this.  


Add to this the already distressing experience that leads to the mastectomy and this can leave patients feeling uncomfortable in their own bodies. Post-mastectomy breast reconstruction gives women the chance to feel comfortable in their bodies again and restore the physical appearance that they were used to.  


What Is Involved in Post-Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction?


Patients can get breast reconstruction done either immediately after their mastectomy or much later. The timing of the breast-reconstruction surgery should be decided upon by the patient and the doctor after they have discussed it in depth and are ready to make their decision.  


Typically, patients suffering from Stage I and II cancer can opt for an immediate breast-reconstruction surgery as soon as their mastectomy is over. The plastic surgeon has to coordinate with the oncology team to decide exactly when and how the procedures will be performed.  


However, if a patient is suffering from Stage III or IV cancer, then it is recommended that she wait until after her radiation and chemotherapy are over. The reason behind this is that such a therapy can affect the size, shape, and appearance of the reconstructed breasts.  


Another way breast-reconstruction surgeries are conducted is restoring a portion of the appearance before chemo and radiation treatments, taking into account the need for them to not be prolonged, and then finishing the procedure after the rest of the therapy.  


Find Out More About Your Options  


Women who choose to undergo breast-reconstruction therapy will find that the appearance of their breasts has been restored. If you are scheduled for mastectomy surgery or are at another step in the process, it will be best to discuss breast reconstruction with a skilled plastic surgeon.


To set up a consultation with Dr. Charles Wallace, an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, contact our office today. Dr. Wallace will be happy to walk you through the details of the procedure and answer your questions.