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Have you recently done a double take after looking in the mirror? You should. “Beauty by Design” is what our practice, led by Charles A. Wallace, M.D., is committed to, and our mission is embodied in our name. We will help you see a wonderful new reflection of yourself in the mirror through a range of cosmetic surgery procedures for your face and body. We’ll also help by including a variety of “Beauty by Design” customized treatments, as well as rejuvenating Medspa offerings in our Reflections Aesthetic Center.

While we are known for being the best in the area for breast surgeries and breast enhancement, particularly for our “no scar on breast” endoscopic breast augmentation procedures, we nevertheless offer a wide range of solutions for patients in Plano, Frisco or anywhere in greater Dallas, TX. We offer body contouring, facial surgery, reconstructive surgery and hand reconstruction. We are also so discrete that we offer the privacy of a back door for patients who want to maintain their anonymity. Why not check out our Before & After section and see for yourself the real results Dr. Wallace delivers for his patients. Above all, schedule your complimentary consultation now with Dr. Wallace and the “Beauty by Design” team here.

A native of Dallas, a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and graduate of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School of Dallas, Dr. Wallace has been helping his patients look positively fantastic with everything from Dallas Mommy Makeovers and breast lifts to vital reconstructive hand surgery. He has helped countless patients restore their self-confidence with a rejuvenated and improved cosmetic appearance. Dr. Wallace’s unique brand of world-class, high-quality surgical attention is something you can only get. Schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Wallace himself now, and during your one-on-one session discuss your hopes, aspirations, and goals, as well as any physical issues. Together you and Dr. Wallace will create a perfect treatment plan while you enjoy the highest standards of patient care in our state-of-the-art accredited facility with easy access via the North Dallas Tollway, making Dr. Wallace extremely convenient to Plano and Addison, TX residents.

Dr. Wallace brings over 25 years of deep and unique medical expertise, which sets him apart from his peers. While Dr. Wallace initially considered heart surgery and orthopedics as areas of specialization, it was his deep expertise in the delicate skills and techniques required to operate on aesthetically-challenging issues that drew him to the rewarding field of cosmetic surgery. And it is his exquisite artistic vision that meets the requirements for creativity in finding solutions for individual patients, which is why you can count on our practice and Dr. Wallace for exemplary surgical solutions to your cosmetic issues.

Most members of our patient-focused team at Charles A. Wallace, MD have been with our practice for over 10 years. You can know that they are your trusted partners, and you can trust from their friendly and welcoming manner when they greet you that they are always ready to answer any questions you have as they assist you along the path of your aesthetic journey. Schedule your consultation today and come in and meet Dr. Wallace one-on-one and become a part of our Charles A. Wallace, M.D. family!

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