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As we age or lose a significant amount of weight, the skin around our necks may sag and give the appearance that we are older than our actual age. Charles A. Wallace, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon, performs neck lifts on people living in Plano and Frisco, as well as the areas in and around Dallas, TX, who want to fully restore the shape of their necks to have a younger looking appearance.

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is a surgical procedure in which a plastic surgeon lifts and tightens the skin and muscles in the area of the neck, chin and jawline while removing excess skin that has lost its elasticity and begun to sag. The purpose of the neck lift is to enhance the neckline allowing it to highlight the face and give off a more youthful appearance.

The Art of the Face with a Neck Lift

With a neck lift, the goal is to dramatically improve the chin, neck, and jawline without looking stiff and overdone. Removing the excess skin diminishes any signs of jowls or turkey neck and allows for a sleek line towards the face.

Benefits of a Neck Lift

A neck lift rejuvenates the neck and jaw line to a more youthful appearance and offers the additional benefits:

  • Done as an alternative to a facelift with less recovery time
  • Redefines the neck and jawline
  • Diminishes the appearance of a turkey neck
  • Removes a double or triple chin
  • Small scarring is hidden well
  • Eliminates wrinkles around the neck

Is a Neck Lift Right for Me?

If you feel uncomfortable about your neck or cover your neck with scarves and turtlenecks to hide the excess skin and wrinkles, you may want to consider a neck lift.

After researching for about a month on the upcoming surgery that I wanted to get done, I choose Dr. Wallace office for my consultation. Although I felt I had so many of my questions answered based on my own research, Dr. Wallace still educated me on information that only a doctor would know with YEARS OF EXPERIENCE under their belt. The consultation went so smooth. I booked my surgery that day. 2 weeks later I had my surgery and NOW I am 1 month out of surgery and I’m in love with my results. It was everything I wanted and MORE!!! I followed all of instructions he and his staff gave me. Everyone was polite, friendly and professional. Dr. Wallace made this girl VERY happy.

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Elements of a Neck Lift

Depending on the extent of the procedure, neck lifts are typically performed in an outpatient facility under local sedation or general anesthesia if combined with other procedures. Incisions are made under the chin and under the ear if necessary. The muscles just under the skin are tightened; fatty deposits are removed via liposuction, and the skin is pulled tight. Once complete, the incisions are closed and bandaged. The procedure usually takes one to three hours.

How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost?

The cost of a neck lift varies depending on the extent of the procedure itself and whether it is combined with other cosmetic procedures. We accept cash, check, Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover®, as well as offer financing options with Prosper® Healthcare Lending.

After a Neck Lift

Following neck lift surgery, it is recommended that patients keep the area bandaged initially to help the healing process and refrain from any activities for several days. Most patients return to work within a week. The full results of the neck lift may take a few months to reveal themselves.

Getting Back to Normal Following a Neck Lift

Most patients return to work and a normal routine within a week; however, we recommend refraining from any straining physical exercise or heavy lifting for a few weeks to let the area properly heal. While there are immediate results, the full effect of a neck lift is not completely noticeable for several weeks up to a few months.

If you live in Plano, Frisco or anywhere in Dallas, TX, and notice that the skin around your neck and jaw line has begun to sag and lose its elasticity, you may want to consider a neck lift with Charles A. Wallace, M.D. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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