Gummy Bear Breast Implants Dallas

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most prominent surgical procedures undergone by women every year. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), breast augmentation was ranked as the most practiced surgical procedure of 2012 with nearly 300,000 surgeries performed during the year. Since this surgery is such an important part of the cosmetic surgical world, it’s understandable that it is a procedure that plastic surgeons are always looking to improve.

Gummy Bear Implants

Recently, the FDA has approved Sientra’s new high-strength cohesive silicone gel (gummy bear is a name patients created due to the feel and texture of the implant) breast implant for cosmetic use. While still technically a silicone implantation device, the patented form-stable formula has the remarkable capability of retaining its shape, even if the outer shell has been disrupted. Additionally, the Sientra brand of implants provides patients with the most natural-looking shape and most accurate simulation of real breast tissue.

These new implants have quickly earned the unofficial title of “gummy bear implants” by patients. The name might conjure an unusual illustration, but it is actually a very appropriate one: the high-strength cohesive gel that constitutes the implant can retain its form, even if the implantation device is cut in half. Much like its namesake implies, it is much firmer and more stable than its saline and liquid silicone alternatives.

Why Choose Gummy Bear Implants?

With a new, form-stable approach to breast augmentation, Sientra’s product also offers some outstanding benefits to women considering cosmetic enhancement:

  1. The possibility of leakage is virtually eliminated with the gummy bear implants. If the shell somehow ruptures while implanted beneath the breast tissue, the cohesive gel cannot escape into the patient’s tissue or bloodstream. Although all implant forms have advanced greatly over the decades, many women enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having an implant that cannot breach.
  2. Since the implants retain a shape, physicians and patients have more options to find an implant form that is suitable for the patient. It is well known that treatments in the cosmetic surgery field need to vary for each woman’s unique anatomical needs. The gummy bear implants allow physicians to choose from a wide variety of shapes and sizes to select the absolute best option for their patients.
  3. Physicians and patients alike, insist that the gummy bear implants simulate the feel of a natural breast very accurately. The strong gel formula offers more resistance and stability and even minimizes the amount of post-operative sagging that occurs in some women. Furthermore, the Sientra implant’s shape prevents it from moving out of position, securing it comfortably in the submuscular or subglandular regions.
  4. Plastic surgeons have reported that the Sientra implant is very useful in breast reconstruction. This is excellent news for women who aren’t necessarily interested strictly in augmentation but are possibly concerned with their postpartum body. The gummy bear implant offers plastic surgeons considerable flexibility with how they treat their patients, which in turn, allows them to extend this outstanding product to a much broader patient base.

Although the “gummy bear” title isn’t officially endorsed by Sientra, the gummy bear implants introduce an entirely new dimension of breast care to the booming cosmetic industry. Nevertheless, patients should always thoroughly discuss all of their options with their surgeon before making a decision. Finally, the Sientra implants are only distributed to board-certified ASPS plastic surgeons, so the Sientra brand is your surgeon’s badge of authenticity. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Wallace, is proud to offer the Sientra form-stable implants at Charles A. Wallace, MD, so schedule an appointment today, and see if the “gummy bear” implants can revitalize your self-image.

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