Periareolar Breast Augmentation Dallas

Periareolar augmentation has historically been one of the more popular approaches for reasons of surgeons’ preference more than anything. In some areas of the country, this is almost the only way to insert breast implants.

What Is Periareolar Breast Augmentation?

In some areas of the country, this is almost the only way the procedure is done in the teaching of senior surgeons in the area. In most cases, a half-circle incision is made, and as that incision is made at the border of the pigmented areolar skin and normal skin, an effective camouflage of the scar is accomplished. The submuscular or subglandular pockets can be accessed easily, and either a silicone gel or saline implant can be placed, as well. In some cases, the scar may go all the way around the areola if a minor degree of sag needs to be corrected at the same time. This approach is particularly useful in patients that have very dense, tightly gathered breast tissue, and probably less popular in those who have not yet had children and foresee breastfeeding. One common myth about the periareolar procedure that is it somehow interferes with mammography. This is simply false, and none of the incision placements have any effect on mammograms whatsoever.

After Surgery Care For Periareolar Breast Augmentation

Care after breast augmentation, wherever the incision, is quite simple. With respect to periareolar breast augmentation, daily washing with a little peroxide and antibiotic ointment for about a week is all that is required. A strap, similar to an Ace bandage, is typically placed over the top part of the breasts for the first week or so to minimize swelling and aid in healing. The patient can expect to be back at work within a few days and back to full exercise in less than a month. A bit more time may be needed before one is at their peak performance level if one participates in extremely aggressive exercise.

Periareolar Breast Augmentation with Dr. Wallace

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