Inframammary Breast Augmentation Dallas

The inframammary approach has historically been the most popular approach for breast augmentation dating back to the original placement of implants in the early 1960s by my senior professor, Dr. Thomas Cronin.

In theory, the scar is hidden in the crease. However, in some women, no substantial crease exists either before or after the surgery. Either the submuscular or subglandular pockets can be accessed with ease. As with most of these procedures, either silicone gel or saline implants can be placed without difficulty. The inframammary incision is sometimes preferable for patients with rib deformities or other major asymmetries because of the access to both the muscle and the tissue is direct and in some cases a bit of skin excision can correct an asymmetry without an unduly ugly scar. This, as with many things, provides a trade-off between what can be accomplished and the scar that is required. There are several tips to minimize scarring resulting from any of these procedures, but the inframammary incision requires a bit of management either with postoperative taping or one of the appropriate scar gels that we will discuss with you. It is important to note that all of our breast augmentation procedures are done with sutures entirely on the inside so as to avoid railroad track appearance afterwards.

Caring For Inframammary Breast Augmentation Post-Surgery

Wherever the incision, care following breast augmentation is quite simple. Caring for inframammary breast augmentation should include the following:

  • Daily cleansing with peroxide and prescription ointment.
  • Application of a clean bandage after washings – typically placed over the top part of the breasts for about the first week to help with healing and to minimize swelling.
  • Minimal physical activity immediately following your surgery to allow for the incision point to heal properly.

You should expect to be back at work within just a few days and then back to full exercise in less than a month. If you engage in extremely aggressive exercise, you may need a little more time before you’ll be at a peak performance level.

Inframammary Breast Augmentation at Charles A. Wallace, MD

If you are considering breast implants, deciding which approach depends on many factors that only you and your surgeon can decide. Contact Dr. Wallace for your complimentary consultation to discuss your options and desired results. During this visit, you can also speak with staff that have had procedures and can share the firsthand experience with you. Just north of Addison, in Dallas, Dr. Wallace is conveniently located right off the Dallas North Tollway.

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