Endoscopic Transaxillary Breast Augmentation Dallas

The endoscopic axillary (armpit) approach is an ideal approach for the placement of breast implants in patients who do not have excessive sag, particularly malformed tissue or malformed rib structures.

Endoscopic Transaxillary Breast Augmentation: The Approach

This has been our preferred approach for over 20 years and was made all the more feasible by the development of the endoscope for plastic surgery procedures in the early 1990s. The endoscopic approach allows everything to be visualized on a television screen in magnified detail for more precise preservation of nerves, pocket creation and avoidance of bleeding. While we accomplish all of these same goals through the other incisions, this is exceptionally easy through the armpit and most importantly results in no breast augmentation scars on the actual breasts.

The incision for endoscopic breast augmentation is not made on the actual breast tissue and eliminates risks of damage to milk ducts and minimizes the potential for damage to skin nerves to the nipple. While this is a special advantage for younger women, the simple fact that there is no scar on the breast is important to women of all ages for obvious aesthetic reasons. Healing time, pain and risk of infection are essentially all the same for all the procedures with the exception of the umbilical approach.

After Surgery Care For Endoscopic Axillary Breast Augmentation

Care following endoscopic breast augmentation, wherever the incision, is quite simple. Daily washing with a little peroxide and antibiotic ointment for about a week is all that is required for the armpit incision. Typically a strap, similar to an Ace bandage, is placed over the top part of the breasts for the first week or so. This helps with healing and minimizes swelling. You can expect to be back at work within just a few days and then back to a full exercise routine in less than a month. Now, if you engage in extremely aggressive exercise, you may need a little more time before reaching your peak performance level.

Transaxillary Endoscopic Breast Augmentation with Dr. Wallace

This is but one of the approaches Dr. Wallace uses for breast augmentation. Every body is unique, and, therefore, different approaches are needed depending on many factors, including your desired outcome. Contact Dr. Wallace for a complimentary consultation to discuss which option is best for you. Please see our photo gallery for before and after photos using this “no scar on the breast” approach to breast augmentation.

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