I see many procedures and devices that will never make our procedure list. We do not offer every fad treatment out there because many are full of marketing yet lacking in results and I believe strongly in offering quality to my patients. After spending time exploring and researching Ultherapy I am proud to be one of the first in our state to offer this latest cosmetic technology to my patients.

Ultherapy is one of the newest and most innovative ways that people are improving their self-image. I and the rest of the team here have been using this method with great results, and we’re pleased with how it has revolutionized cosmetic surgery. For those who don’t know, Ultherapy is a non-surgical way to tighten the tissue in problematic facial regions: the brow, jawline, and neck areas can all be improved with this new technique. Penetrating beyond the deep skin layers with focused ultrasound waves, it stimulates your body’s production of its own collagen, giving your face a rejuvenated look that is, above all, natural.

We like to refer to Ultherapy as an “uplift” rather than a “facelift”. It’s a very short procedure (typically only taking about 30 minutes to an hour) that delivers non-invasive results for those not yet ready for a facelift, not willing to undergo surgery or anesthesia, or that are unable to accommodate even the modest down time associated with a modern face lift. Our patients see improvement the day they leave and because Ultherapy stimulates the body’s collagen a modest improvement is seen followed by the gradual onset of full results at about 3 months. This means there is literally zero downtime with no need to delay social, work or other obligations.

We are excited that Ultherapy is opening up a completely new avenue for North Texas patients to enjoy the age-defying results that cosmetic procedures can provide. It’s a positive way for any patient who is having reservations about cosmetic surgery to experience the regenerative effects of tissue transformation. Whether Ultherapy is right for you or perhaps a family member a consultation with is the first step to ushering in the New Year feeling better and looking amazing!